Roster Status.  Our class roster has been maintained since graduation and the first reunion.  The last complete update (as best we could) dates back to the 55th year reunion.  We carry 847 classmates on our roster, so it is a big task to keep it up-to-date.  We believe we have "confirmed" contact information for 460 classmates.  We believe we have valid e-mail addresses for 287 classmates who have Internet service and have residential addresses for 173 classmates without e-mail.

Classmate Contact.  Our Reunion Committee policy is to first attempt e-mail notification for those classmates having e-mail addresses.  Unfortunately, a number of these e-mails will "bounce" because the address is invalid and the classmate has not provided updated information.  We then combine the classmates whose e-mails have bounced with those without e-mail  to make a post office mailing (snail-mail).  This is an expense for our treasury amounting to several hundred dollars that we would hope to avoid.  Of course a goodly number of these are returned as "Unable to Forward, Return to Sender".

Classmate Response.  We are now appreciating the uncertainty of our correspondence with classmates.

Bottom Line.  It takes a great deal of time to track down missing classmates.  At this point, to be frank, after so many years, the effort just may not be worth it.  We have a website, and classmates can update their information using this link.  They can telephone Reunion Committee members.  We also rely on classmates keeping in touch with their close classmate friends.  We get roster updates through this activity.  We really rely on you, our classmates, to keep your contact information current.  Please help us out when you have any changes.  These are then easily logged into our roster database.  Thank you.