Our 60th Reunion.  We just successfully conducted our 60th Year Class Reunion.  It was great to see our classmates again -  the very loyal classmates who have attended almost all reunions, and some who were relatively new to reunions.  We do not know what the future holds for our class, but are hopeful that a 65th Year Class Reunion (or earlier?) is possible.

Class of 1957 Reunion History.  Successful class reunions were held after 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, and now 60 years after our graduation in the Rose Bowl on June 13, 1957.  I, your General Chairman and Webmaster, did not attend a reunion until the 40th!  Terry Battelle, our inspirational leader from the very beginning, found me.  In August 2000, Peggy Finn organized a "camp" at her home in Los Osos, CA to prepare for the 45th year reunion.  She invited me to attend.  I decided to join in and become a member of the reunion committee.  At the "camp" were Peggy, Terry Battelle, Sue Osborne, Barby Wells, Gail Hopkins, Jack Hayes, and myself.  We had a wonderful time in Los Osos and Morro Bay.  Jack agreed to become Treasurer of our class, and it was then that I volunteered to do a website for our class.  This committee organized both the 45th and 50th year reunions.  Shortly after the 50th reunion, we lost key members Peggy, Sue, Gail, and Jack.  A great loss of very loyal and dedicated classmates.  Dave Cantrell then agreed to become our Treasurer after Jack's death.

I was not able to attend the 55th year reunion.  The committee carried on and a very successful 55th Year Class Reunion was held, using the Hilton Hotel for the reunion headquarters and the University Club for the reunion dinner.

Terry Battelle, for many years, was our General Chairman and led the effort to find classmates and keep our roster up-to-date.  He had helpers: Janace Witherell, Ned Cook, and someone he referred to as "The Mole."  When Terry and Brenda lived in Huntington Harbour, Terry and I would get together regularly to work on the roster and other class matters.  Terry and Brenda then moved to Henderson, NV.  About 2015, Terry developed a serious illness that left him incapable of continuing as our chairman and maintaining our class roster.  I agreed to keep the roster as Roster Archivist.  We greatly missed Terry and Brenda at the 60th year reunion.  He should have been the one at the podium.

Class of 1957 Treasury.   We have a checking account to pay the bills for class operations and reunions.  Dave Cantrell is now our Class Treasurer.  Jack, and now Dave, have kept our finances on a sound financial footing and regularly reported balances to the committee.  I can assure you, both Jack and Dave have been completely transparent with our class finances.  We had very successful 45th and 50th year reunions, and a positive balance resulted.  We have used this balance to fund ongoing operations and also to substantially subsidize the 55th and 60th year reunions to make attendance as affordable as possible.  We now carry a much smaller balance to continue ongoing operations, not knowing what the possibilities are for future reunions.

Going Forward.  I would like to form a team of classmates searching for lost classmates.  This would involve making phone calls, writing letters, and searching the Internet.  We don't like losing contact with classmates we previously could reach.  The effort would be shared, resulting in a lesser time-commitment.  Results would be reported back to me, and would then be entered into our official class roster.  If you are interested, please contact me at E-Mail Don Hilgendorf.

Class E-Mail Address.  After a glitch earlier this year, now corrected, the official class e-mail address is

E-Mail Blast.  To maintian contact with classmates, we plan an "e-mail blast" in a year or so to validate our roster database.  Please "reply" promptly so we know we can still contact YOU.  Please update us if anything changes in your personal information.  Thanks.

Finally, Thank You.  The Reunion Committee, and I personally, thank all of you who made the effort to attend our 60th Year Reunion and make it the successful event that it was.  Special thanks to Barby Wells Gilbert for being our lead negotiator with the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel and The University Club.  She, with her Teenage Republican organization in Manassas, Virginia, produced the Memory Book for printing and delivery in the very near future.  Thanks to Janace Witherell Cole and Ned Cook for greatly assisting in finding and contacting lost classmates and encouraging classmates to attend the reunion.  And thanks to the many volunteers, led by Gerry Lewis and Eileen Robinson Vonk, who greeted classmates as they arrived at the registration table.  As we go forward, your comments and ideas, and help, are welcome.  Barby, Janace, Dave, and I keep in close contact.  A suggestion was made to hold the next reunion in the Palm Springs area.  But traditionally, reunions are held in Pasadena.  Classmates who travel appreciate returning to Pasadena, where their families and family friends lived and where they went to school.
Don Hilgendorf