Sunday, September 16, 2007

The reunion weekend ended with a Sunday morning brunch in the Pasadena Room.   We had a very good attendance.  There were several highlights.  Coach Ron Robinson (varsity baseball coach) joined us, as did George Meadows from the Class of 1956.  This provided another great opportunity to visit with fellow classmates before departing for home.  The displays were still set up for those who did not get a chance to view them the previous day.  Following are some photos taken at the Sunday morning brunch.

Names have now been added where known.  Please report errors and omissions.

Name Format
: Class Member in Bold Font (Example: Gail and Dave Cantrell)

Coach Ron Robinson
Varsity Baseball Coach

Row 1 L to R: Terry Battelle and David McBurney, Ned Cook and Michael Lenhart; David and Vicky McBurney: Vic Henderson
Row 2 L to R: Alice Lesher; Chuck Lesher and Coach Ron Robinson; ? and ?; Gee Gee Nelson and Donna Wood
Row 3 L to R: ?, Mike and Carol Hillingsworth Gingrich, George Meadows (Class of 1956), and Bob Richter; Brenda Johnston, Barby Wells, Dot Hylton, and Barbara Chesson;
Dave Walther, Phil Chelsvig, Coach Ron Robinson, Jim Carlin, and Dick Berger
Row 4 L to R: Ken Berry and Steve and Marlene Cain: ?, Sharon Carlson, Barbara Lindholm, and Marilyn McCullogh;
Cecile Gideon, Carolyn Munz, and Dick Berger; Bob Richter and ?
Row 5 L to R: Larry and Judith Thoreen Swanson and ?; ?, Ruthie LaMarr, and ?; Wayne Thomas, Gerry Lewis, and Gee Gee Nelson; Ken and Sheri Smith
Row 6 L to R: Dave Walther and Steve Cain; Larry Entwistle and Steve Cain; Brenda Johnston and Dot Hylton; Bob Nelson and Robert Rogge

Row 7 L to R: Darrell Nelson, Gee Gee Nelson and Larry Entwistle; Ken and Nancy Berry; Dave Cantrell, Chuck Lesher, and Don Hilgendorf
Row 8 L to R: Sue Osborne, Judy Menke, Terry Battelle, Donna Wood, and Peggy Finn; Marlene Cain, Nancy Berry, Ken Berry, Gail Cantrell, and Steve Cain;
?, Sharon Carlson, Barbara Lindholm, and Marilyn McCulloch
Row 9 L to R: Ken Smith and Doug Magnuson; Ruthie LaMarr Richter and Bob Richter; Dot Hylton, Barbara Chesson, and Christie Semler; Sandy Shaw and Cecile Gideon

Row 10 L to R: ?, Sharon Carlson, and Barbara Lindholm; Kay Scott Davis and Bob Davis; Shirley Smeltzer Griffith and Dave Griffith;
Dick Berger and Sherril Parker Magnuson and Doug Magnuson
Row 11 L to R: Steve Cain, Dave Cantrell, and Gee Gee Nelson; Sheri Smith, Don Hilgendorf, and Ken Smith;
Peggy Carter
Freeman and George Freeman; Gee Gee Nelson and Gary and Gayle Calvert Norton
Row 12 L to R: Betsy Kingsbury, Carolyn Munz, and Gee Gee Nelson; PHS Display; Sandy Shaw Berger and Dick Berger; Mike and Carol Hollingsworth Gingrich
Row 13 L to R: Sue Osborne, Eileen Robinson, and Judy Menke; Shirley Smeltzer and Barby Wells; Judy Menke, Donna Wood, and Peggy Finn

Row 14 L to R: Dian Weston, Cecile Gideon, and Ruthie LaMarr; Dave Cantrell and Betsy Kingsbury; Jim Carlin, Dave Walther, Coach Ron Robinson, and Dick Berger
Row 15 L to R: Dick Berger and Brenda Johnston; Sherril Parker, Bill Hand, Betsy Kingsbury, and Don Hilgendorf; Sue Osborne and Judy Menke; Sheila Grattan
Row 16 L to R: Marilyn and George Packer and Keith Hoyt; Kay Scott and Gee Gee Nelson;
?, Sharon Carlson, Marilyn McCulloch, and Barbara Lindholm; Wayne Thomas and Brenda Johnston
Row 17 L to R: Kay Scott and Betsy Kingsbury; Barby Wells and Mike and Carol Hollingsworth Gingrich; Steve Cain and Dave Cantrell; Ken Berry and Chuck Lesher
Row 18 L to R: Don Hilgendorf and ShirleySmeltzer Griffith and Dave Griffith; Coach Ron Robinson and Larry Entwistle; Jerry Jardine, Ken Olesen,and ?
Row 19 L to R: Brenda Johnston, Barby Wells, Dot Hylton, and Barbara Chesson; Judy Menke, Donna Wood, and Peggy Finn; Dian Weston Eto and David Eto
Row 20 L to R: Dot Hylton and Christie Semler; Judy Menke, Eileen Robinson, Donna Wood, and Peggy Finn