Saturday, September 15st, 2007

The big day!  Our registration table was set up in the lobby around noon to greet arriving classmates and guests.  The same volunteers as on Friday graciously served again as greeters.  We shifted our table later in the afternoon outside the Pasadena Room, where our social gathering began around 3:00 PM.  Thanks to all of our classmates who helped at the reception table.  The bar was now open and the socializing began in earnest.  The photographers were also there to take pictures for the Memory Book.  In addition, videographers were there to capture impromptu comments from classmates.  Displays of our high school paper “The Chronicle” and other memorabilia were also set up for viewing.

The reunion dinner began around 7:30 PM in the International Ballroom.  Peg Finn Aga, Judi Menke Forsmark, and Barby Wells Gilbert did a great job with the table decorations.  We had about 300 in attendance for dinner with about 195 of these being classmates.  After dinner a special program was presented.  Terry Battelle, our lead reunion organizer, served as MC, helped by Phil Chelsvig and Bob Christmas.  The program began with recognition for the work of the committee members.  Dory Hylton, accompanied by Barbara Chesson Selis on the piano, then sang a jazz number for us.  This was followed by several lively songs sung by Brenda Johnston Pfeiffer.    The program finished with a very entertaining PowerPoint slide show put together by Dave Cantrell.  Dave also handed out many prizes to classmates for a variety of special categories.  Great job, Dave!  The evening continued strongly with more socializing until around midnight or so.  There were rumors of parties continuing until 3:00 AM in several hotel rooms!  Photos from the afternoon cocktail hour and the evening dinner follow:

Names have now been added where known.  Please report errors and omissions.

Name Format: Class Member in Bold Font (Example: Gail and Dave Cantrell)

Row 1 L to R: Gale Davis, Bill Miller, and John Leonard; Bill and Catherine Miller and Cindy and Gale Davis;
Gordon Westover and Harley Bennett; Robert Strieter

Row 2 L to R: Ann Vaughn and Toni Arnerich; Gail and Dave Cantrell; Pinki Hale and John Miner; Group Photo!
Row 3 L to R: Terry Battelle and Bill Miller; Bill Miller and Jerry Jardine; Melinda Mallory, Ann Vaughn, and Judy Price: Jerry Jardine and ?
Row 4 L to R: Gino Mangione and Sue Osborne; Shirley Smeltzer Griffith and Dave Griffith; GunnarSedleniek and ?;
Delight Miller and Pinki Hale; ?, Sharon Green, and Marilyn McCulloch

Row 5 L to R: Bill Miller and Gino Mangione; Doug Magnuson and Bill Miller; Gary and Ann Vaughn Murphy and Toni Arnerich Heimerl and Bob Heimerl;
Phil Chelsvig and Eloise Reyes; Don and Judy Price Clarke
Row 6 L to R: ?, ?, George Halburian and Harvey Zaslow; Mike and Carol Hollingsworth Gingrich and Judi Price Clarke and Don Clarke;
?, Sharon Green, and Marilyn McCulloch
Row 7 L to R: Thyra Covey and Marlyn Canova; Robert Strieter; Marilyn McCulloch; Gunnar Sedleniek and Molly Sullivan with Phillip Monrad; ? and ?
Row 8 L to R: Larry Baugh and George Halburian; Eileen Robinson; Donna Wood; Dee Dee Kemper and Gail Cantrell;
Sheri Smith and Brenda Johnston; Doug and Sherril Parker Magnuson
Row 9 L to R: Karen Schiller and Thyra Covey; Frances Heath; Chuck Lesher and Dave Walther; Patricia and Bob Krause; John Kemper and Gary Miller
Row 10 L to R: Gene and Toni LaPorte; Dot Hylton; Peggy Finn; Ruthie LaMarr and Mike and Carol Hollingsworth Gingrich

Row 11 L to R: Ronald Pyle; Herb Koch; Brenda Johnston and Gail Cantrell; Larry and Kay Baugh
Row 12 L to R: John Pagliano and Patty and Ned Cook; Jerry Jardine; Harley Bennett; Marge Eaton

Row 13 L to R: Doris Frank Lui; Marcy Brown, Christie Semler and Phil Chelsvig; Mike Gingrich

Our Emcees and Entertainers
Row 14 L to R: Terry Battelle; Bob Christmas; Dot Hylton; Dot Hylton and Barbara Chesson; Brenda Johnston; Brenda Johnston

Row 15 L to R: Keith Hoyt; Joe Mavilia and Gunnar Sedleniek; Joe Mavilia and Sue Osborne; Mike Barr; Dee Pratt and Marilyn Canova
Row 16 L to R: Shirley Smeltzer Grffith and Dave Griffith, Phil Chelsvig, ?, and ?; Mike and Carol Hollingsworth Gingrich and Phil Chelsvig; Mary and Jordan Ross

Row 17 L to R: ?, Janace Witherell, Jerry Jardine, and Dee Dee Kemper; Shirley Smeltzer Griffith  and Dave Griffith and Phil Chelsvig;
Mike Arnold, Judith Johnson, Don Clarke, and Steve White
Row 18 L to R: Don Hilgendorf and Judy Menke; Robert Strieter and John Culp; Carol and Dan Provine:  Patricia and John Miner
Row 19 L to R: Mary Ljosdal, Marilyn McCulloch, and Stan Ljosdal; Sally and Gary Fry, Chuck Lesher, and Ed and Tisa Walker;
Barbara Howard Kaleta and Victor Kaleta; Ken and Sophie Pon McNair
Row 20 L to R: Dan Provine, Gloria Fox, and Darrell Nelson; Dave and Denise Porter and Mike Gingrich; Dolores Vail, ?, Sophie Pon
Row 21 L to R: Sally Jardine and Dee Dee Kemper; Judi Price, ?, and Carol Hollingsworth; Donna Wood and ?

Row 22 L to R: Phillip Monrad and Molly Sullivan and Karen Schiller; Marilyn McCulloch and Barbara Lindholm; Shirley Halburian and Ilona Chandler
Row 23 L to R: ? and Patti Denton; Larry and Kay Baugh, Marge Eaton, and ?; Marcy Brown, ?, and ?
Row 24 L to R: George Packer, Keith Hoyt, Marilyn Packer; Robert Gonzales, Gene LaPorte, Stan Ljosdal, and Ted Searls; David and Vicky McBurney, Mike Barr
Row 25 L to R: Don Hilgendorf, Barby Wells, and Jack Hayes; Ken and Sheri Smith, Dave and Shirley Smeltzer Griffith, Wendy Alexnder, and Kathryn Hurwitt;
Don Hilgendorf, Ed Walker, Stuart Ondeck, David Hartley

Row 26 L to R: Jerry Jardine, Dee Dee and John Kemper, Dave Griffith; Dave Griffith, Patricia and Bob Krause, and Shirley Smeltzer Griffith; ?;
Darrell Nelson, Wanda Schenk Welles and Bob Welles

Row 27 L to R: Karen Schiller and Jensine Segina; John Culp and Robert Strieter; Carolyn Munz, Cecile Gideon, and Patti Denton; Larry Entwistle and Bill Hand

Row 28 L to R: Dan Provine and ?; Joe Mavilia and Bill Miller; George and Peggy Carter Freeman; Sally and Jerry Jardine
Row 29 L to R: ?; Marilyn Canova, Dee Pratt, Cecile Gideon, and Marilyn McCulloch

The Saturday Morning Tennis Match
Row 30 L to R: Ken Smith; Gunnar Sedleniek, ?, Ned Cook, Alice and Chuck Lesher, ?, Ken Smith; Ned Cook; ?
Row 31 L to R: Gunnar Sedlienek; Alice Lesher; Gunnar Sedleniek; ?; ?; Ken Smith